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II Xornada TELGalicia


6 de Marzo na E.E. Telecomunicación. De 9:30 a 13:00. (Pendente de confirmación pola folga prevista de Iberia)


Presentacións previstas:


Will Ellis, iTEC Project Coordinator

iTEC, designing the future classroom.


Abstract: iTEC (Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms) is a major EU-funded project in which European Schoolnet is working with education ministries, technology providers and research organisations to bring about transformation in learning and teaching through the strategic application of learning technology. With 27  project partners, including 14 Ministries of Education, and funding of €9.45 million from the European Commission’s FP7 programme, iTEC is the largest and most strategic project yet undertaken by European Schoolnet and has the potential to be a flagship project for the design of the future classroom. The project lasts from 2010 to 2014.



Bernd Simon, KM, Austria

Introducing Learning Management Systems in Schools – Answering the Why and the How Question

In Austria 1.100 out of 6.000 schools use a learning management system called The large number of schools adopting made Austria's most intensively used e-media for education and one of Austria's top 20 web sites measured in page impressions per month. 

As compared to out-of-the-box, open source learning management systems like Moodle, provides a few very specific, but important benefits to its various stakeholders including teachers, students, as well as administrators. In the first part of the talk, we will take a closer look at key use cases that provide these benefits. 

The second part of the talk will address the school-specific roll-out strategy of We will report on the 4 magic pillars that turn a learning management solution into a success story. In this part of the talk will also emphasize on future challenges in the creation as well as the distribution of content and tools and relate these challenges to potential solutions developed in the context of the iTEC project.

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